Alexander Kuch, Global Advocate for Children’s Rights and Adopted Children

Alex Kuch was adopted from Cluj-Napoca, Romania in 1997 by a German family and with whom he moved to New Zealand 12 years ago. He is a global advocate for children’s rights and adopted children. He has graduated this year with a major in Politics and International relations from The university of Auckland.

So far, he has spoken on four continents: Asia, Australia, Europe and North America. To name some of the highlights: giving a TEDxTalk in Malaysia recently, speaking at The Romanian National Day in 2016, at the Romanian Parliament in 2013 and in 2015, at Global Changemakers Youth Forum – Switzerland 2017, at The Asia Europe Foundation Youth Forum on ethical leadership – Brussels 2018 and being the youngest co-presenter of adoption research at The 6th International Adoption Research Conference in Montreal 2018.

For his work, he has received multiple honours and awards including: The AIMES 2018 Service winner, New Zealand, Distinction Young Romanian Student in the other continent category (LSRS Romania) 2018, Young New Zealander of the Year Semi-finalist 2018 and Royal Commonwealth Associate Fellow 2017 and one of the youngest New Zealand Rotary peace Fellowship nominee 2017.


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