Yori Kamphuis


Yori is part of a group of shapers from the Amsterdam Hub that wants to actively (re-)think Europe. Their project: Shaping Europe. Specifically, they want to add on to the WEF Renew Europe report by encouraging their Global Shapers to actively engage with young people in and around their local hubs and discuss, question, dream and shape Europe. They view this as necessary, ”since it has been proven time and again that our younger generation thinks differently about Europe than other generations do, with Brexit as the latest and dramatic example. Gathered experiences and thoughts from all hubs around Europe will be shared and bundled into one coherent manifesto based on our younger generations vision for Europe, that we will present to members of the European Parliament in 2019.”

1. What do you think is the main reason why some people don’t care about your topic?

There are a couple of reasons, I think. People feel distant from politics, especially when talking about Europe. Second, there’s not too much trust.

2. If you were the president/prime minister of your country for one day, what would you change about this topic?

I’d introduce a day that every municipality shows what concretely has been doing with European money in their region.

3. Do you have a personal motto?

Change what you cannot accept, accept what you cannot change. Nobody but you can decide when it’s time to accept something.

4. Can you share some links to talks or texts, or name literature that you can recommend to any starting activist?

I thoroughly enjoyed the book “Amusing ourselves to death” by Neil Postman.


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